What is the cleanest dog potty box?

Cleanest Dog Potty Box

Cleanest Dog Potty Box

The Cleanest dog potty box today?

When trying to decide on a dog potty box it is important to understand what your options are and to pick a dog potty system that is clean and easy to maintain. Our dog potty box was designed to provide your dog with enough space to do their business and to relieve you from constant cleaning. If you are looking for a dog potty box you are most likely tired of the constant patio and floor cleaning that comes with the use of dog pee pads. The cleanest dog potty box should be fully self contained and use a natural grass solution, not fake synthetic grass that requires daily cleaning.

The Cleanest Dog Potty box uses real grass

At Doggy and the City we only use real natural dog potty grass in order for our dog potty system to be the cleanest dog potty box available. We do not use fake synthetic dog grass because it requires daily cleaning to avoid strong urine smells. With real grass all you have to do is replace the grass every 7 or 14 days. Real natural grass will absorb all the urine and odor naturally in the grass blades and soil so you don’t have to do any cleaning.

Indoor Dog Potty

Indoor Dog Potty

Fake Synthetic Dog Grass is Bad

In order to have the cleanest dog potty box you must avoid using fake synthetic grass, especially fake synthetic grass that comes with a urine tray. Fake synthetic grass must be scrubbed with harmful cleaners every few days to avoid awful urine smells. If you buy a dog potty box with a urine tray you also have to pour it out down the toilet in your home and then scrub that as well. The bottom line is that fake synthetic grass is very hard to keep clean and requires daily upkeep with expensive cleaners.

Dog Grass Delivery Service

With natural grass all you have to do is replace it once every 7 or 14 days in order to keep your dog potty box clean. There is no need for daily cleaning or maintenance like with fake synthetic grass. With our dog grass delivery service we will deliver a fresh dog grass package to your door every 7 or 14 days based on your needs. Our fresh dog potty grass is grown locally and delivered to your door the same day it is cut. With our dog grass delivery service our indoor dog potty is the cleanest dog potty box on the market.

For more information please visit our indoor dog potty and dog grass delivery pages.

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