Changing Dog Potty Grass


Changing Dog Potty Grass

Many people have questions regarding the changing of their dog potty grass for their indoor dog potty. Let’s see if we can help.

How often should I change my dog potty grass?

For some dogs their dog potty patch is the primary place where they do their business. These dogs are usually older and have a difficult time getting up and down stairs or take medication that makes them urinate more frequently. If this is the case you should definitely change out your dog potty grass every week.

Most of our clients use their dog potty patch for those late night and early morning situations. They are unable to walk there dog due to safety issues late at night or early in the morning. For this type of usage you can change your dog potty grass out every two weeks and you should be just fine.

Should I change my dog potty grass due to weather?

When it comes to making your dog potty grass last long you must understand that direct sunlight is the enemy to any natural grass dog potty patch. To ensure that your dog potty grass lasts for two weeks and stays fresh be sure to provide plenty of shade. If you have your dog potty on your rooftop deck you must either provide shade or have it change out weekly.

When it rains be sure to cover your dog potty box with a kitchen trash bag or provide a shaded covering that will protect your dog potty patch from being flooded with water. This will cause the grass patch to die and also won’t be fun to clean up either.

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