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Tim Flach Dogs Portrait book is the greatest

Tim Flach Dogs portrait book is another success for this great photographer Photographer Tim Flach’s portrait book “Dogs” presents a striking look at men’s best (and perhaps earliest) friend in dozens of full-color and dynamic photographs that serve to capture the true loving and free-spirited essence of our canine pals. Sure to be one of the most popular and sought …

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Keep your dog safe in the heat

Tips for keeping your dog safe during a heat wave Summer seems to be coming early to Los Angeles this year. This means you have to be more aware in terms of your dogs needs. Dogs, just like humans, can suffer from heat stroke. With this being said, small changes in your routine can make a big difference. If you …

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Dogs read facial expressions

Dogs read facial expressions like infants A recently released study gives us evidence that man’s best friend is as human as some of us think they are. Published in Current Biology, the study suggests that dogs can read our communicative intent – meaning our intention to interact with them. This is done via our facial expressions – this is an …

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@thefugee on Instagram – Dogs we love

Start following @thefugee Instagram ASAP! Fugee and Starla are border collie mixes that live in Los Angeles. Their Instagram feed is full of hilarious facial expressions, ball catching, napping, boxing, poker playing, movie poster cameos, beach runs, and general hanging with the dogs around town. We follow @thefugee Instagram and you should too. We love when @thefugee catches treats in …

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Why try puppy crate training?

Puppy Crate Training, why should you do it? Puppy crate training always seems like a difficult proposition at first. You may not think so now but over time his / her crate will become a safe, private place that your pup will feel secure in. It will also become a valuable daily tool for you. When training puppies to use …

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2 Bulldogs vs. 1 Bear

We all know that our dogs take a certain pride in protecting our home. No matter how big or small they love to bark their hearts out when they hear a noise or they see anyone in a uniform coming to the door. These 2 bulldogs take home protection to the next level. They saw a black bear in their …

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The Greedy Chihuahua

                  This is hilarious. We all know who was raised as an only child

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Another amazing Japan tsunami reunion story

Awesome dog tsunami video reunion When a tsunami struck Japan it devastated much of the northern coastal areas. Natural disasters often lead to pets and their owners losing each other in the chaos. This little mixed breed dog was dramatically rescued from a flotilla of debris in the ocean and then miraculously reunited with its owner. It is truly amazing …

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