Best Large Breeds for Apartment Living

Best Large Breeds Dogs for Apartment Living

Best Large Breeds Dogs for Apartment Living

What are the best large breeds for apartment living?

Don’t let the size of your apartment be the only thing that keeps you from getting that dog you’ve always dreamed of! While some people are fine to “downsize” their pooch of preference because they live in smaller accommodations – and there are many breeds of all sizes, shapes, and temperaments to fit that bill, too! – but, contrary to popular belief, it’s not always necessary.

There are many large breed dogs that actually fit apartment-size living pretty well, and maybe even prefer it! Some of the more sedentary breeds (that is, the breed who are more apt to be couch potatoes than fetch players) are quite large in size. For example, the majestic Great Dane can weigh up to 130 pounds and easily take up your entire sofa if he decides to stretch out for a nap. But these beautiful beasts, known for being calm, friendly, and all-around loafers, will most likely take to any space well as long as he has a place to lie down and a good/healthy rapport with a friendly owner.

However, some larger breed dogs do require more exercise and aren’t as likely to be as satisfied with sitting around and watching reruns of “The Bachelor” with you as others…. But that shouldn’t put you off! Siberian Huskies, for example, are very active work dogs by nature. They’re built to pull sleds dozens of miles through the snow. However, if you live in an apartment in, say, Los Angeles, and neither a sled nor snow is a viable option for you, you can still make sure your Husky gets her exercise as long as you have the time and resolve to make go on runs and trips to the dog park!

While some may say that it’s “cruel” or “inconsiderate” for you to keep large breed dogs in your smallish apartment, saying that “not having a yard” is unhealthy for the dog, that’s simply not always the case. The real choice of having a dog of any size in a space of any size depends on the needs of the specific breed and the owner’s lifestyle. If you’re job takes up a lot of time and you won’t be able to make frequent trips to a nearby hiking trail or to the beach, make sure you research different large breeds and choose one that’s less active and that needs a bit less of a rigorous exercise routine.

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