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Large dog grass litter box for apartment living

Doggy and the City large dog grass litter box Large dogs need more room, this applies to everything. The need a bigger dog bed, more room to run around, etc. When it comes to a dog litter box it is very important that a bigger breed dog use a large dog grass litter box. If a large dog does not …

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@Marutaro on Instagram – Dog’s We Love!

 @Marutaro is a dog you want to follow on Instagram You’ve GOT to check out @Marutaro on Instagram, stat! A 6 ½-year old Japanese Shiba Inu, Marutaro is one of our favorite dogs to follow. You’ll see from the pics he posts that this studly pooch enjoys 3D films, building forts out of cardboard boxes, and overall being a badass …

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Doggie Grass for apartment dogs

Doggie Grass is the best dog potty solution Using doggie grass is great for dogs living in apartments. Our real doggie grass absorbs urine and odor and dogs loving using it to do their business. The Doggy and the City indoor dog potty is filled with real doggie grass that you dog will love. We will show you how to …

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