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@Marutaro on Instagram – Dog’s We Love!

 @Marutaro is a dog you want to follow on Instagram You’ve GOT to check out @Marutaro on Instagram, stat! A 6 ½-year old Japanese Shiba Inu, Marutaro is one of our favorite dogs to follow. You’ll see from the pics he posts that this studly pooch enjoys 3D films, building forts out of cardboard boxes, and overall being a badass …

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Why try puppy crate training?

Puppy Crate Training, why should you do it? Puppy crate training always seems like a difficult proposition at first. You may not think so now but over time his / her crate will become a safe, private place that your pup will feel secure in. It will also become a valuable daily tool for you. When training puppies to use …

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Common questions for new dog owners

Good questions for new dog owners We wanted to cover a few common questions for new dog owners so you can have a better understanding of what you new puppy needs to be happy and healthy! Should I vaccinate my dog? Vets recommend that dogs should be vaccinated against all serious diseases. These include Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Parainfluenza and Leptospirosis. …

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