The real grass dog potty that works

Real Grass Dog Potty

Real Grass Dog Potty

Using a real grass dog potty is easy

The easiest way to house train your puppy or adult dog is to use a real grass dog potty. It is the ultimate puppy potty training and house training solution. Most people living in apartments with their dog will find the real grass dog potty the perfect solution to their dogs needs. At Doggy and the City we specialize in the real grass dog potty and dog grass delivery. Our products and services are designed to help all dog owners living in the city with their furry friends.

Why a real grass dog potty?

This is an easy one, because dogs love using real grass! It’s true, you have seen it many times on walks. Dogs are instinctively drawn to peeing on natural grass or objects that other dogs have urinated on. When you have a real grass dog potty you are working with your dogs natural instincts so training is a snap. Using pee pads or synthetic dog potty products is just confusing for your dog. Over the years we have seen many companies pop up that offer fake grass solutions. Every week we have people order our real grass solution because their dog won’t pee on fake synthetic grass. Don’t waste time and money on the fake stuff, giving your dog a natural solution.

Natural Grass Dog Potty

Natural Grass Dog Potty

A Cleaner Option

Natural grass provides by far the most effective absorption when it comes to urine and odor. Using a real grass dog potty will literally save loads of time and money. With fake synthetic grass you will find yourself cleaning it daily with expensive cleaners that are harmful to your home. When it comes to the natural grass dog potty solution you just have to change out the grass on a regular basis. Let the natural grass absorb the urine and odor naturally and do all the work for you.

Indoor Dog Potty & Dog Grass Delivery Service

Our indoor dog potty sizes are perfect for any type of dog. They are designed to handle everything that comes with having an indoor dog potty in your home. In order to ensure that you always have fresh grass for your real grass dog potty we provide dog grass delivery as well. We will delivery locally grown farm fresh grass to your door on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.


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