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Potty Grass for Dogs

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Farm fresh potty grass for dogs. Relief & Convenience delivered to your door. We deliver to LA & OC!

Delivering for 10 years

Apartment Dog Potty

Thousands of customers use our service each month

Apartment Dog Potty
Apartment Dog Potty
Apartment Dog Potty

( Grass patch is 30 x 48 inches )

50% off - Use code SAVE50

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( Grass patch is 18 x 48 inches )

small grass dog potty

Under 10 pounds / Single Dog

Over 10 pounds / Multiple Dogs

Choose based on weight so that your dog has enough room to move around and do "their business". It works better this way.

In just a few days you will receive your first free dog potty box and fresh grass delivery. 

How it works . . .

1. Sign Up

You will receive new fresh grass delivered to your door every14 days. Just roll up the old grass and dispose of it in the easy-to-use bag we provide you. It's take 2 minutes.

Get started in just a few minutes.

2. We Deliver

Apartment Dog Potty

3. Enjoy

Apartment Dog Potty

We work with local farms to ensure that your grass package is delivered to your door the same day that it is harvested out of the ground. 

Delivered to your door

Apartment Dog Potty

Every 14 days you will receive farm fresh replacement grass package delivered to your door. Just roll up the old grass and dispose of it in the easy-to-use bag we provide you. It takes 2 minutes. 

No more cleaning floors and looking at ugly pee pads.

Free Dog Potty Box

Dogs love our grass

We provide you with free use of dog potty box. If you ever cancel, we come pick it up from you.

Low Maintenence


Apartment Dog Potty

Perfect for . . .

  • Dogs living in an apartment, condo, or high rise
  • Older dogs that have difficulty getting outside
  • Potty and House training puppies
  • Puppies that have not been vaccinated
  • Owners that have difficulty getting outside
  • People tired of constant floor cleaning
  • Busy professionals that need another option