Pet Grass for Dogs

pet grass for dogs

pet grass for dogs

Pet Grass for Dogs in Los Angeles

For the last 7 years Doggy and the City has provided pet grass for dogs to over a thousand dog owners living in Los Angeles and Orange County. Our dog potty box and pet grass for dogs is the ultimate potty training and ongoing dog potty system. Dogs and their owners both love our real natural dog grass because dogs are instinctively drawn to using natural grass, making training and daily dog potty routines much easier.

When you sign up to receive our pet grass for dogs you purchase and dog potty box and have the grass delivered every 7 days or every 14 days based on your needs. Using our pet grass for dogs along with a dog potty box gives you a clean, natural, self contained potty solution for your dog. No more daily patio cleanings, scrubbing the floor, or constantly replacing paper pee pads. With our low maintenance system you just change the grass out every 7 or 14 days and do nothing in between.

Our pet grass for dogs is the perfect natural absorbent for your dogs pee. Not only does the grass absorb the urine but it also naturally eliminates smells that are a common problem when using pee pads or synthetic grass. No matter what size dog you have, we have the solution for you. Doggy and the City offers dog potty box sizes to fit small, large, and multiple dog households.

Doggy and the City pet grass for dogs is delivered to your door packaged with everything you need to change out the grass in less than 3 minutes with no hassle or mess. If you don’t want to change out the grass yourself we also offer a full service option where we put in the new grass for you and dispose of the old grass. For all grass delivery pricing click here.



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