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Marutaro on Instagram

Marutaro on Instagram

 @Marutaro is a dog you want to follow on Instagram

You’ve GOT to check out @Marutaro on Instagram, stat! A 6 ½-year old Japanese Shiba Inu, Marutaro is one of our favorite dogs to follow. You’ll see from the pics he posts that this studly pooch enjoys 3D films, building forts out of cardboard boxes, and overall being a badass pup! Because this unique breed always faces the world with what looks like a fuzzy smile, they are commonly known for their “cheery dispositions” and trademark plush tails that arch over their backs.

With all the buzz going around featuring Shiba Inus as the stars of many popular viral memes, this breed is becoming increasingly popular with more people are looking to bring these affectionate and beautiful beasts home. Luckily, as long as you can provide them with a place to stretch their legs and some daily exercise, Shibas are a pretty versatile breed that can be trained as hunting dogs, watch dogs, or simply as loyal family companions. (And they’re even known to be pretty great when it comes to learning tricks and performing in front of a crowd!)

Even at a young age a Shiba Inu’s intelligence comes through when they’re being feisty and playful, and firm guidance from a leader is needed to ensure the right amount of balance when bringing home a Shiba to your “pack.” These dogs can sometimes be described as naughty, but – with proper human/canine communication – their strong personalities provide unique senses of character that are difficult to find in many other breeds… which ensures that you’ll never have a dull moment with a Shiba of your own!

Do you know what Shiba Inu means in Japanese? No, it’s not lovable ball of fluff—although that would be appropriate in Marutaro’s case. “Shiba” actually means “small” or “brushwood,” while “inu” is the word for “dog.” Other breeds of Japanese dogs include the more primitive and husky-esque Shikoku Inu, and the larger Akita Inu.

Check out Marutaro on Instagram to see more photos and videos—who knows, maybe he’ll put on a show for you every now and then!

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