Indoor potty for dogs in the city

Indoor Potty for Dogs

Indoor Potty for Dogs

Doggy and the City indoor potty for dogs living in the city of Los Angeles

As a dog owner living in the city it makes a lot of sense to use an indoor potty for dogs. When we say indoor potty for dogs we mean not having to do late night and early morning pee walks. Our indoor potty for dogs can be placed on a balcony or patio, if you don’t have a patio it can also be set up indoor. We created our indoor potty for dogs to give dog owners in the city another dog potty option.

Our Indoor Dog Potty

The Doggy and the City indoor potty for dogs is a fully contained box that is filled with natural grass that your dog will love to do their business on. Our indoor dog potty comes in 2 different sizes so no matter how large or small your dog is they will have plenty of room to move. We have constructed our indoor dog potty of a solid wood frame that has an inner plastic lining. This durable construction will ensure that it is is perfectly stable when your dog steps on it and that it can withstand the elements.

Indoor Potty for Dogs

Indoor Potty for Dogs

Easy to maintain dog potty grass

Unlike other options (pee pads & synthetic grass ), our indoor potty for dogs is easy to maintain. No more cleaning up floors and patios on a daily basis or dealing with urine smells. The real natural dog potty grass in our indoor dog potty will absorb all the urine and odor for you. Daily cleaning is a thing of the past, just change out the grass at least every 14 days and you are all set.

Dog Potty Grass Delivery Los Angeles

We provide dog potty grass delivery in Los Angeles and Orange County to our over 500 customers each month. This convenient service will make it easy for you to keep your indoor dog potty fresh and clean. We offer self-service and full-service delivery options. Call 818-282-3449 for more details about our dog potty grass delivery service.


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