Indoor Dog Potty Grass

Indoor dog potty grass

Indoor dog potty grass

Indoor Dog Potty Grass

At Doggy and the City we have been delivering farm fresh indoor dog potty grass to our customers for over 7 years. Over that time we have learned a thing or two about what types of grass work best for your dog potty needs. Our grass is 100s % real natural grass that is harvested daily and delivered to our clients the same day. Same day service ensures that the grass we provide our clients lasts and provides them with the absorption that they need for their indoor dog potty grass needs.

Farm Fresh Dog Potty Grass

We work with the largest grass / sod farms in Southern California to ensure that we have a reliable supply of high quality grass all year round. Each morning our grass is cut by the farm and ready for our delivery drivers to pick up and deliver to our clients. It is important that our clients receive fresh grass so that it is able to hold up to at least 2 weeks of usage. Also, our grass is 100% natural with no pesticides or chemicals making it totally safe for all dogs.

Dog Potty Grass with Soil

We have tried many types of grass over the last 7 years and over that time we have found that the best grass for an indoor dog potty is natural grass with soil attached. The soil attached to the grass is very effective at absorbing urine. Other grasses that are hydroponically grown and only have a bed of roots do not absorb urine, eventually it runs through the grass blades and ends up in the bottom of your indoor dog potty box waiting for you to clean up. Grass with soil attached to it absorbs urine and odors naturally!

Low Maintenance Dog Potty Grass

Because we delivery farm fresh dog potty grass there is virtually no maintenance required. Fresh grass provides our clients with strong absorption, this means that you don’t have to do any urine clean up, it is all absorbed into the grass and soil. We recommend that you keep your indoor dog potty box somewhere that is at least partially shaded to ensure that it stays fresh over the 2 week period before your next delivery. If your dog potty grass is placed in an area where it is exposed to direct sunlight make sure that you water it lightly just a few times a week to ensure freshness.

Reliable Delivery

We pride ourselves on reliable delivery and constant communication with our clients. Our extensive customer base throughout the Southern California area provides us with the flexibility desired by our customers. If you need to delay a delivery by a week due to vacation, no problem. If you need an extra delivery the week prior to your usually delivery, no problem. We work with our customers to provide on-time reliable delivery of their indoor dog potty grass.

For more information regarding our Indoor dog potty grass delivery please free to contact us at or call us at 818-282-3449.



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