Grass for Dogs in Apartments works

Grass for dogs in Apartments

Grass for dogs in Apartments

Using grass for dogs in apartments

If you are a dog owner living in a major city there is a very good chance you are living in an apartment. When you live in an apartment with a dog it can present some interesting challenges to daily life. Without a backyard to use, your dog needs a place to do their “business” and you need a solution. Using grass for dogs in apartments is an all natural, affordable, and most of all clean option. At Doggy and the City we specialize in the real grass indoor dog potty and dog grass delivery. Let us show you how people are using grass for dog in apartments.

Indoor Dog Potty Grass for dogs in Apartments

If you are reading this you are already entertaining the idea of using real natural grass as a dog potty solution. You must first start with the right indoor dog potty system. An indoor dog potty is a box that holds natural grass and ensures that your dog potty area is fully self contained. There are a few things to think about when deciding on an indoor dog potty.

  • Size is important – If you choose and indoor dog potty that is too small your dog just won’t take to it. Using grass for dogs in apartments is the best when you have an area that is large enough for them to use and also has enough grass to absorb odors and urine naturally.
  • No Urine Trays – Because you are real grass you will not need an indoor dog potty with a urine tray below. The natural grass absorbs all of the urine for you.
Natural Grass Indoor Dog Potty

Natural Grass Indoor Dog Potty

Only use natural dog potty grass

Using grass for dogs in apartments only works well when you are using natural grass, not fake synthetic dog grass. Natural grass absorbs everything where fake synthetic grass becomes soaked in urine that you have to clean daily. If you do not clean fake synthetic grass on a daily basis you will have a terrible smell to deal with. All you have to do with natural grass is make sure you replace it every 7 – 14 days, that is all the work that is needed.

Our dog grass delivery service will have fresh new dog grass conveniently delivered to your door when you need it.  For more information please visit our indoor dog potty page.

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