Grass Dog Potty Training

Grass Dog Potty Training

Grass Dog Potty training for your dog

After over 8 years of working with dogs and their owners we have found that immediately creating a routine is very important to grass dog potty training. Most dogs take to using grass immediately, like they do on walks, but some need a little bit of training.

  1. First thing in the morning ( when your dog has the most urgency to “go” ) bring your dog to the grass dog potty. When your dog hasn’t urinated all night they will be easier to work on the grass dog potty training.
  2. When your dog gets on the natural grass area, use your key words that you dog knows such as “go potty”, etc. It is important to be patient and take time to train your dog if needed. Most dogs take to natural grass because they instinctively used to using grass. On some occasions though it does take.
  3. REWARD THEM – Be sure to have a treat ready for your dog as soon as they use the grass area to offer positive reinforcement to your grass dog potty training.
  4. FOLLOW UP – Make sure that you do the same thing each morning for the next 7 days or so and you are all set.

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