Doggy and the City – Grass Dog Potty Service Marina Del Rey

Grass Dog Potty Service - Marina Del Rey

Grass Dog Potty Service – Marina Del Rey

Grass Dog Potty Service – Marina Del Rey

Doggy and the City has been providing grass dog potty service in Marina Del Rey since 2006. Our grass dog potty box is the perfect natural solution for dog owners living in Marina Del Rey. No matter what size dog you have, living in an apartment or condo can be difficult. The grass dog potty is filled with natural grass, creating your own backyard in a box.

The Grass Dog Potty Box

Doggy and the City has created a self-contained dog potty box in 2 sizes that provide any type of dog enough room to do their “business”. This is important, often pee pads or small plastic indoor dog potty solutions just don’t work because there is not enough room for dogs. Our grass dog potty boxes were designed so dogs can move around on them and pick the right spot. Just like they do when they are on walks.

Real Natural Grass

Our dog potty grass is real natural grass that is harvested from local farms in Southern California. We ensure that the grass is cut fresh in the morning and delivered to you within a few short hours. Training dogs to use our grass dog potty is easy because they are already instinctually drawn to using natural grass.

Low Maintenance Dog Potty Solution

Instead of cleaning up pee pads, scrubbing floors, or cleansing fake synthetic grass; real grass is very low maintenance. Our grass comes with soil attached to it that is perfect for naturally absorbing urine and odors. No need to spend your day cleaning up nasty urine to prevent odors. Just make sure the natural grass in your dog potty is replaced at least every 2 weeks.

Dog Potty Grass Delivery

We conveniently deliver real natural grass to your door on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. This ensures that your grass dog potty is always filled with fresh grass that your dog will love. We have been delivering dog potty grass to dog owners in Los Angeles and Orange County since 2006!



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