Real Grass Dog Potty Santa Monica Service for Apartment Living

Santa Monica Dog Potty Grass

Santa Monica Dog Potty Grass

Santa Monica Real Grass Dog Potty for Apartment Living

A real grass dog potty is perfect for apartment living in Santa Monica. Since 2006 Doggy and the City has been providing Santa Monica dog owners with our real grass dog potty and fresh grass delivery service. Our convenient and affordable service makes living in an apartment with your dog much easier.

The Real Grass Dog Potty

Our real grass dog potty is a self contained box filled with fresh natural grass. It is the perfect solution to ongoing dog potty issues as well as puppy potty training. Dogs are naturally drawn to using natural grass to do their business. This fact makes training them to use a real grass dog potty extremely easy. Instead of training them to pee on foreign objects like paper pads or plastic grass you will be asking them to do what comes naturally.

Dog Potty Sizes

We provide you with 2 different size options that work for any dog. At Doggy and the City we have designed our dog potty sizes to give any dog plenty of room to do their “business”. This is important because dogs like to move around and pick just the right spot. I am sure you have witnessed this on many occasions during walks.

Low Maintenance Dog Potty Solution

No more need to clean up pee pads multiple times per day. With our real grass dog potty all you have to do is replace the grass at least every 2 weeks. Other than changing the grass out once in a while, you don’t have to do anything else.

Fresh Grass Delivery Service in Santa Monica

We have been providing our fresh grass delivery service to Santa Monica dog owners since 2006. Our convenient service will deliver packaged fresh, locally grown grass to you in every 7 or 14 days depending on your needs. It’s that easy!



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