Dog Potty Patch Maintenance

Dog Potty Patch Maintenance

Dog Potty Patch Maintenance

Your guide to dog potty patch maintenance

Since 2006 Doggy and the City has been serving dog potty patch customers in Los Angeles and Orange County. This means we have worked with thousands of dog owners living in apartments that use our real grass dog potty patch. Dog potty patch maintenance is easy if you follow just a few simple things. We will show you the proper dog potty patch maintenance to ensure that you have the best experience.

Dog Potty Patch Basics

Obviously the main goal is to make sure that you dog potty patch stays clean for your dog and doesn’t smell up the area you place it in. With our real grass dog potty that isn’t a problem. The real grass is great at absorbing odor and urine naturally. Using a fake grass dog potty patch leads to real bad odors due to a lack of absorption.

Pick up the poop

This may seem like a logical thing to do but on many occasions we have seen people that don’t pick up the poop. If you see your dog has used the potty patch make sure you pick up the poop. This is a main pillar to dog potty patch maintenance. When you leave poop on the dog potty patch you will end up with a fly problem eventually. If it is there for a shot while their is no problem, but you can’t leave it there for long periods of time.

Change the grass appropriately

The frequency with which you change the grass is very important to proper dog potty patch maintenance. If your dog uses their potty patch only late at night and early in the morning you can definitely just change it out every 14 days. When your dog uses their potty patch as the primary place they urinate, then you want to change it out weekly. This is usually the case when you have an elderly dog or a dog that is taking a lot of medication and urinates more often.

Shade is good

Placing your dog potty patch in the shade will ensure that the natural grass stays fresh. Direct sunlight can be hard on natural grass so putting it in the shade prevents it from drying out. Although dogs will still use the grass if it is a little dry, it is a good idea to shade it for optimal use.

Don’t water too much

When it comes to dog potty patch maintenance we always tell people not to over water it too much. If you add too much water to the natural grass you will get a “swampy” feel. In 95% of the cases no water at all is needed. The only time you should add any water to the grass is if your dog potty patch is constantly in direct sunlight.

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