Dog Potty Grass Pad

dog potty grass pad

Doggy and the City – Dog Potty Grass Pad

Dog Potty Grass Pad

This post is all about why people love our dog potty grass pad. After serving the Southern California area for over 7 years we have seen hundreds of dogs use our dog potty grass pad on a monthly basis, making owning a dog in the city just a much easier for dog owners. Below is a list of reasons why dogs love our grass!

  1. IT’S NATURAL!!!!! – Dog’s are instinctively drawn to urinating on natural grass, they will search out the perfect piece of grass on a walk in order to do their “business”. ¬†Using fake grass or peed pads is confusing for dogs and much more difficult to train them on . Our dog potty grass is natural grass that is harvested from local farms on a daily basis and delivered to your door. We pride ourselves on delivering your grass from the farm to your door in the same day.
  2. LOW MAINTENANCE – The natural dog potty grass pad absorbs urine and odors naturally so there is no need for the daily cleaning associated with pee pads or fake synthetic grass. Once you lay down your new grass you only have to pick up poop when you see it, other than that you don’t have to touch it.
  3. MAKES POTTY TRAINING EASY! – Because you are working with your dog’s natural instincts, potty training time is reduced dramatically. Using potty pads and synthetic grass not only confuse your dog they also make it more likely that your dog will pee on other household items that are similar such as rugs, bath mats, door mats, towels, etc.

Click on the following lings for more information on our dog potty grass pad delivery and dog potty boxes.

Natural grass is the best dog potty solution for dog owners living in the city!

Natural grass is the best



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