Dog Potty Grass on Rainy days

Maintaining your dog potty grass on rainy days

Dog potty grass on rainy days

When it rains it is important that you take certain steps to ensure that your dog potty grass stays out of the rain. Dog potty grass on rainy days can get very messy if you don’t take some simple precautions.

Put simply your dog potty box is meant to be a self contained, leak proof container. Therefore, if you do not cover your dog potty box when it rains it will fill up with water and that leads to a mess.

So what do you need to do for your dog potty grass on rainy days?

Cover your dog potty box

This is by far the most important thing you need to do when it comes to rainy days. Dog potty grass on rainy days can become very messy when it rains a lot. If there is only a sprinkling of rain you should never have a real problem.

To avoid any problems you want to make sure that you cover your dog potty box. Most of our customers use a simple large kitchen trash bag or two. This is the simplest and easiest solution. When your dog is not using the area just make sure that it is covered.

If your dog potty box does become overfilled with rain water you are looking at a mess the next time you go to change out the grass. In order to avoid that just take a look at the upcoming weather on your smart phone and you can easily predict which days that you are most likely to have an issue with rain.

Move your dog potty box to a covered area

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The best option is always to keep your dog potty box in a covered area at all times. Your dog potty grass on rainy days will have no issues. This is also helpful when it is hot in the summer. Constant direct sunlight can dry out the natural grass making it less fresh.

Keeping your dog potty box in a covered area eliminates the need for you to ever remember to cover it at all. Most of our customers are able to do this by placing their dog potty box on a covered patio / balcony.

We understand some people don’t have that option so you may want to create some type of semi-permanent cover for the rainy season.

Delayed grass deliveries

Another thing to remember is that rainy days can cause delivery delays. This is because the farms we work with are not able to harvest grass. The machines used to cut the grass will not work if the ground is too wet, therefore making it impossible for us to receive grass for you. We do our best to work with the farms ahead of time in order for us to keep delays to a minimum while still ensuring that the grass we deliver is as fresh as possible.

Dog potty grass on rainy days

Fresh green grass. From the farm to your door the same day!

Dog potty grass on rainy days does reflect the weather conditions. The grass can be heavier and wetter than usual due to the obvious fact of the weather.

We do our best to pick harvested grass that is in the best condition but it can sometimes be impossible to find harvested grass that is lightweight and dry when it has been raining for a few days or for a few weeks off and on.

Most of the time we are able to work with the farms so that the grass is harvested in a way that it minimizes the mud associated with grass that has been cut after several days of rain.





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