How to use a dog grass potty

Dog Grass Potty

Dog Grass Potty

The dog grass potty in your home

Over the last year we have been serving dog owner in the Southern California area with our grass dog potty box and dog grass potty delivery service. As you can imagine we have seen many different ways that our customers use the dog grass potty. In this article we will provide you with examples of how our current and past customers have use their grass dog potty.

Dog grass potty inside or outside?

This is one of the question that we get most often. In Southern California many of our clients have access to patios and balconies so that is where most of them use their dog grass potty. We also have several customers in Downtown Los Angeles that do not have access to a balcony or patio. In these cases they keep their dog grass potty inside. Although there are no issues with smell, we do recommend that you use your dog grass potty on a patio like area. At the end of the day it is basically a dog litter box or dog toilet, most people find that outside is a better option if it is available.

Natural Grass Dog Potty

Natural Grass Dog Potty

Weekly or Bi-weekly Grass Delivery

The overwhelming majority of our customers receive bi-weekly ( every 14 days ) dog grass potty delivery. This is because most people use their dog grass potty box for early morning and late night use only. People that sign up for weekly delivery ( every 7 days ) usually use their indoor dog potty as the primary place their dog goes to the bathroom. These are usually people that have older dogs who have issues getting up and down stairs and getting outside. We also have customers that just love having ultra-fresh grass for their little one.

What size dog grass potty to use?

Over the last 8 years we have pretty much nailed the sizing down perfectly.

Dogs need room to move around on their grass dog potty or else they just won’t use it on a regular basis. We have designed our indoor dog potty box sizes to provide enough space for your dog so they will use it effectively. Our customer retention rates are very high because we know what sizes work and have stayed away from a small size that just won’t work.

For more information please visit our indoor dog potty and dog grass delivery pages.


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