Dog Grass Delivery West Hollywood

dog grass delivery west hollywood

Dog Grass Delivery West Hollywood

Our dog grass deliver West Hollywood service has been one of our most popular areas for delivery since we started Doggy and the City over 8 years ago. West Hollywood is one of the most pet-friendly neighborhoods in Los Angeles and the entire nation. We seldom come upon a building that does not allow pets and we work with the biggest property management companies in the neighborhood.

Dog grass delivery West Hollywood service is important because just like any neighborhood in Los Angeles there is a real lack of open spaces. There is a few local parks but no true dog park except for the William S. Hart Park and off leash dog park. For more information on this park visit

Regular Dog Grass Delivery Service

Each week we provide our regular dog grass delivery service to the residents of the West Hollywood area. Our regular dog grass delivery service West Hollywood includes a package delivered to your door with everything you need to change our your indoor dog potty. This package includes fresh natural grass, disposable gloves and a bag for the old grass. Changing out the grass in your indoor dog potty takes about 5 minutes and we will show you how it is done during your free indoor dog potty installation.

Full Dog Grass Delivery Service

Our full service dog grass delivery West Hollywood is very popular in the area. With this service our friendly delivery staff does all the work for you. We will change out the grass in your indoor dog potty for you and do a little clean up to make sure that your dog potty area stays nice and clean. Our office staff will work with you to set a scheduled time each week to come by and take care of everything for you. We have over 200 hundred clients in the Los Angeles area that have full dog grass delivery service.

Weekly or bi-weekly dog grass delivery?

You can receive full or regular service in the West Hollywood area, it is entirely up to you. Most clients decide on the frequency of their deliveries based on usage. If you have an older dog that uses their indoor dog potty as the primary place they do “their business” then getting weekly dog grass delivery West Hollywood is probably the right choice. If your dog just uses their indoor dog potty for the early morning or late night times then bi-weekly is more suitable.






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