Dog Grass Delivery Questions

What areas do you delivery to?

For a full list of the cities that we service, please visit our service areas page.


What is included in the regular delivery service?

With our regular service delivery we deliver our standard package to your door. The standard package includes farm fresh grass roll, disposable gloves, and disposable bag.

We can provide regular delivery service on a weekly ( every 7 days ) or bi-weekly basis ( every 14 days )


What is included in full service delivery?

Yes, we do offer full service delivery.

 With full service delivery we will change out the grass in your dog potty box and discard of the old grass.

 We will provide you with a routine time and day we will arrive to change out the grass. You must either be home or arrange for us to have access to the area where the dog potty box is located.


How do I change the grass?

Changing the grass is easy, just follow the simple steps below:

  1. Put on the disposable gloves
  2. Roll the old grass to one side of the box
  3. Put the new roll of grass in the box
  4. Put the old roll of grass in the bag the delivery came in

 The package is about the size of a very small kitchen trash bag, and easily fits into any apartment trash chute.


Do I have to be home for the delivery?

No, you do not have to be home when the grass package is delivered. We will leave the package at your doorstep as long as we are provided with the information we need to get into the building ( building code, dial in code for unit, property management info, etc.).


Do you offer weekly dog grass delivery?

Yes we offer both weekly and bi-weekly dog grass delivery. Email to change to weekly service.


What areas do you delivery to?

For a full list of the cities that we service, please visit our service areas page.


 Is grass delivery ever delayed?

Sometimes grass can be delayed by 24-48 hours if there is rain or the farms are running late with harvesting the grass.


Do you deliver my grass on the same day of the week every 14 days?

Yes, you will be provided with the same day of the week your delivery will arrive. Sometimes deliveries can be delayed by 24 – 48 hours due to rain or delays with the farms.




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