Dog grass delivery in West Hollywood

Dog Grass Delivery in West Hollywood

Our dog grass delivery in West Hollywood is turning 10 years old!

I can’t believe it has been 10 years already since we started our dog grass delivery in West Hollywood. It was one of the first neighborhoods in Los Angeles that we began our dog grass delivery service. In those days not too many people knew that this sort of service was even available. Talking to residents about it always elicited the same strange reaction: “Really! That’s a thing? You deliver grass for dogs?”.

Turned out that although people were shocked that we would base an entire business on dog’s in apartments needing to pee, it turns out that they really saw the value in it. Now our dog grass delivery service in West Hollywood is larger than we ever could have imagined. It allows us to to both weekly and bi-weekly delivery as well as full service delivery for residents that really need it.

With a strong pet-friendly community, West Hollywood is always on the forefront of accommodating pets, especially man’s best friend. Both of our large and small dog grass delivery in the area make it easy for pet owners that live in apartments where it can be difficult to take their dogs out as much as they’d like to. We spend 2 days per week in the area to ensure that all of our customers receiving our dog grass delivery in West Hollywood are well taken care of.

Running a service business can be both tough and rewarding. Building our business in the area was such a pleasure. Something about the area makes you feel like West Hollywood is a small town feel in a big city. After all these years we still have a robust following in the area and look forward to many more years assisting dog owners in West Hollywood!

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