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Real Grass Dog Potty

Dog Grass Pad Subscription in Orange County

Using the Doggy and the City dog grass pad subscription in Orange County. For years we have been assisting dog owner in that live in Orange County, California with our service. The Doggy and the City dog grass pad subscription in Orange County covers a large area and includes weekly delivery and full-service delivery of our natural dog grass pad. …

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Doggy Patch of grass for potty training

Use a doggy patch of grass for potty training and save time Potty training your new puppy can be an interesting experience to say the least. Using a doggy patch of grass for potty training can help alleviate┬ásome of the worst thing about puppy potty training. These include the following: Constant cleaning Late night walks outside A long training process …

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Dog grass delivery for dog potty training

Using dog grass delivery for dog potty training So you just got a new puppy and you are ready to embark on the rocky journey of dog potty training for your apartment. Well, using using dog grass for dog potty training can really help. We have all been there, the almost hourly trips outside to pee, the cleaning of disgusting …

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Dog Potty Patch Grass for your dog

Use dog potty patch grass for your dog potty solution! Doggy and the City is the #1 dog potty patch grass delivery service in Los Angeles and Orange County. Dog potty patch grass provides dog owners with another option for their dog when they need it. Our real natural dog potty patch grass is the best at absorbing urine and …

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Why try puppy crate training?

Puppy Crate Training, why should you do it? Puppy crate training always seems like a difficult proposition at first. You may not think so now but over time his / her crate will become a safe, private place that your pup will feel secure in. It will also become a valuable daily tool for you. When training puppies to use …

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Doggie Grass for apartment dogs

Doggie Grass is the best dog potty solution Using doggie grass is great for dogs living in apartments. Our real doggie grass absorbs urine and odor and dogs loving using it to do their business. The Doggy and the City indoor dog potty is filled with real doggie grass that you dog will love. We will show you how to …

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Puppy Dog Grass Pad for Apartment Living

Puppy Dog Grass Pad You are probably reading this because you are currently dealing with puppy potty training. Using a puppy dog grass pad can make your puppy potty training much easier. Our puppy dog grass pad is filled with natural dog potty grass. Real grass is what dogs love to urinate on. This means training with the puppy dog …

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Natural Indoor Grass for Dogs in Los Angeles

Why use natural indoor grass for dogs? Natural indoor grass for dogs is the perfect dog potty solution for many reasons. First and foremost, dog love it! They are used to using natural grass on walks so using it as an indoor dog potty solution is perfect. Secondly, natural indoor grass for dogs is the best absorbent of dog urine …

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Dog Litter Box Grass Delivery in Los Angeles & Orange County

Dog Litter Box Grass Delivery in Los Angeles Dog litter box grass delivery makes living in an apartment with your dog much easier. Since 2006 Doggy and the City has been providing dog owners with reliable and affordable dog litter box grass delivery. We deliver throughout Los Angeles and Orange county in Southern California. We work with local farms to …

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Indoor Dog Potty location in your home

What is the perfect indoor dog potty location in your home? When purchasing a dog potty solution it is important to think about the right indoor dog potty location in your home beforehand. At Doggy and the City we have seen it all over the last 8 years of doing business in Los Angeles. Your indoor dog potty location obviously …

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