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Corgnelius on Isntagram

Corgnelius & Stumphrey, Los Angeles Corgi Royalty We all know that Queen Elizabeth has a soft spot for Corgis… and looking through some of the photos on Corgnelius & Stumphrey’s Instagram makes it easy to see why: These Pembroke Welsh Corgi brothers reside in Los Angeles, but take the time to jetset to New York when the stressed of …

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@Marutaro on Instagram – Dog’s We Love!

 @Marutaro is a dog you want to follow on Instagram You’ve GOT to check out @Marutaro on Instagram, stat! A 6 ½-year old Japanese Shiba Inu, Marutaro is one of our favorite dogs to follow. You’ll see from the pics he posts that this studly pooch enjoys 3D films, building forts out of cardboard boxes, and overall being a badass …

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@mensweardog – Dogs we love on Instagram

@mensweardog is breaking hearts and pushing serious fashion in NYC This 4 year old Shiba Inu has a serious taste with all things style. Like all fashion conscious men his interests include never washing his Japanese selvage denim, lurking around Soho for someone to notice his steez, and sniffing fine a$$ bitches. I never though I would take my fashion …

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@thefugee on Instagram – Dogs we love

Start following @thefugee Instagram ASAP! Fugee and Starla are border collie mixes that live in Los Angeles. Their Instagram feed is full of hilarious facial expressions, ball catching, napping, boxing, poker playing, movie poster cameos, beach runs, and general hanging with the dogs around town. We follow @thefugee Instagram and you should too. We love when @thefugee catches treats in …

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Dogs we love on Instagram – @digbyvanwinkle

Digbyvanwinkle instagram is the best follow you will ever make. These two little Griffons from New Zealand will make you smile everyday. Each post is another explosion of cuteness and their owners love to dress them up like humans. Don’t miss out and start following @digbyvanwinkle on Instagram today! Digby was born 7/27/2011  and Alo was born 3/27/2013. They get …

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Dogs we love on Instagram – @simonthejackchi

Simon the JackChi is from San Diego, California and has perfected the “why me” face. This little guy lives the life though. From what we can tell his mom loves to wash him and he hates it, very cute. He also spends his days on shopping trips, playing dress up, taking naps, and traveling. If you are not following @simonthejackchi …

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Dogs we love on Instagram – @cutieandthebeast

If you aren’t following Cutie and the Beast ( @cutieandthebeast ) on Instagram then get started, you are missing out. Siena and Buddha are the cutest duo in Seattle and her mom captures everything perfectly. From shopping at cool skate shops, fishing off the pier, playing dress up or roaming the beaches of the great Northwest you will fall in …

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