What is the best Indoor Dog Potty?

Best Indoor Dog Potty

Best Indoor Dog Potty

Best Indoor Dog Potty

If you are reading this you are probably looking for a dog potty solution for your home. There are a few things to think about when choosing an indoor dog potty for your dog. Over the last 8 years we have perfected our product into the best indoor dog potty. We have listened to our thousands of customers to create an indoor dog potty system that works effectively, looks good, and stands the test of time.

Real Indoor Dog Potty Grass

In order for you indoor dog potty to be effective you need to pick one that uses natural grass. This is the most important detail when purchasing your dog potty system. Fake synthetic dog grass does not work on two levels. First it has no absorbent qualities so you will ending up doing a ton a scrubbing, cleaning, and emptying nasty urine pans. Also, fake synthetic grass is confusing for your dog because it is exactly like other things in your house that you have told your dog not to pee on like rugs and carpets. Dogs are instinctively drawn to peeing on natural grass as you have seen on plenty of walks. The best indoor dog potty will use natural grass not fake synthetic grass.

Best Indoor Dog Potty

Best Indoor Dog Potty

Dog Potty Size Matters

When choosing the best indoor dog potty for your dog the second biggest thing to look at is size. There are some companies out there that try and offer a very small space for your dog. Some companies offer 20 in x 20 in or 16 in x 24 in sizes, these are way too small for even the smallest dog. DO NOT BUY THESE, YOUR DOG WON’T USE IT.

Dogs won’t use these small versions of the indoor dog potty because they like to move around and find the right spot when they are doing their business. You have seen it plenty of times on walks when they do this. If they do not feel like they have enough space they just won’t use it. 

Durability and Strength

Choosing the best indoor dog potty also means buying something that will last the test of time. Our indoor dog potty is made from a strong wood frame that is sealed to protect from the weather and equipped with an inner plastic lining. Some companies offer cardboard indoor dog potty systems that cause problems. Cardboard indoor dog potty systems not only fall apart if placed on an outside patio during weather they also leak. If your dog overuses their potty patch and it is sitting on your wood floor you may find your self with a hefty bill when it leaks and you have to replace a portion of the floor from urine damage.

Just like any other product you purchase for your home you want it to be effective, durable, and stand the test of time. For more information on our products and service see our indoor dog potty boxes and dog grass delivery service.


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