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Doggy and the City Indoor Dog Potty

Indoor Dog Potty

Indoor Dog Potty

Doggy and the City has been serving dog owners in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas of Southern California since 2006. From the beginning our goal was to create the perfect indoor dog potty and dog grass delivery service for dog owners living in apartment and condos. Our product and service were born out of necessity, after living in an apartment with my two rescue dogs. Like many of you I just wanted my dogs to have a potty solution that made life easier for myself and them.

The indoor dog potty and natural dog potty grass made my life so much easier and I knew it would help other dog owners as well. Our reliable dog grass delivery service and durable indoor dog potty has been used by thousands of dog owners since we started the company. We currently have over 500 dog owners that receive our dog grass delivery service each month. This clean dog potty solution will make those early morning and middle of the night pee runs a thing of the past.

For more information see our indoor dog potty and dog grass delivery service.

Or contact us at info@doggyandthecity.com

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